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Staci Garcia and Grant Stern Teach Twitter – #OnlyinMiami Show, Ep. 86

22 July 2015

Staci Garcia and Grant Stern Teach Twitter – #OnlyinMiami Show, Ep. 86

Episode 86 of the #OnlyinMiami Show featured a presentation by Staci Garcia and Grant Stern at the Florida Social Media Conference about how to get the most out of Twitter.

Hour 1

1:57 – Grant talks about the implications that reestablishing diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba will have on South Florida, particularly in the business sector. He compares this situation to another instance where the U.S. did this; namely, when President Richard Nixon normalized relations with China. The impact of that decision has been much more impactful than the decision to isolate countries with whom we disagree.

5:25 – Staci Garcia talks about the immediacy and the personal nature of Twitter. She says that it is easier to tweet somebody than send an e-mail, and you might get a quicker response as well. She also talks about how to develop your network to optimize your Twitter use.

25:29 – Grant Stern talks about his Twitter experience managing many different accounts. He recommends management tools like Tweepi, CoSchedule, Buffer, and others. He also talks about how to use Twitter to make a difference in your community.

Hour 2

56:28 – J. J. Colagrande and Brandon Mowry talked a little bit about the news this week that David Beckham’s MLS ownership group and the city of Miami have agreed in principle on a stadium to be built on the former grounds of the Orange Bowl. The stadium would be located just to the west of Marlins Park. They talked about the discussions between Beckham’s group and the University of Miami to play some of their football games at the new stadium as well.

1:06:40 – J. J. Colagrande spoke with Tom Laroc, a local Miami DJ who talked a little about his background. He and J. J. also talked about the Miami music scene and about a new feature that will be starting on which will shine the spotlight on local Miami DJs and musicians.

1:24:25 – J. J. Colagrande spoke with David Catlin, the creator of Lookingglass Alice which is currently playing at the Adrienne Arsht Center. They talked about the genesis of the work and about Lewis Carroll, the author of the original Alice books. For tickets, visit the Adrienne Arsht Center website.

1:39:59 – J. J. Colagrande spoke with Stephanie Kassoy about the Beck’s Urban Canvas project which is creating street art throughout Miami. Beck’s is commissioning 15 local street artists to create murals in Wynwood, Little Haiti, Little Havana, and Hialeah. For more information and updates, follow the #becksurbancanvas hashtag on Twitter.

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Only In Miami Show, Ep. 54 – Is South Florida Being Overbuilt? – 12/08/2014

9 December 2014

Last night’s show started with Grant Stern talking about the protests against police brutality that occurred this past weekend in Wynwood during Art Basel. He was then joined by Paul C. Savage, a Coral Gables appellate lawyer who often works in zoning codes and was the lawyer who successfully argued against the plans for the Midtown Walmart. The conversation included a discussion of the Walmart situation. Grant was then joined by Peter Zalewsky of Crane Spotters, who talked about the glut of new condo construction in South Florida, the majority of which is centered in downtown Miami. Peter related that, according to their database, in the past three years, plans are in some stage of development for over 300 condo buildings across the region.

In the second hour, Grant was joined by local Miami composer Jim Camacho, who composed the score to the family musical theatre production Mouse King, a retelling of the classic story of the Nutcracker from the perspective of the Mouse King. He talked about the genesis of the show and about the upcoming production at the Mandelstam Theatre in South Miami (for ticket information, visit For the remainder of the hour, Grant was joined by Drastic Fanatic to talk about the disappointing weekend in South Florida sports. They discussed whether the Dolphins have any shot at making the playoffs and about the recent struggles of the Miami Heat.

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