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Marc Caputo and Elaine de Valle Talk Florida Politics – #OnlyinMiami Show, Ep. 87

29 July 2015

Marc Caputo and Elaine de Valle Talk Florida Politics – #OnlyinMiami Show, Ep. 87

Episode 87 of the #OnlyinMiami Show featured interviews with Marc Caputo, Elaine de Valle, and Subhash Kateel talking about local, state, and national politics and issues.

Hour 1

2:54 – Grant spoke about Fox’s Sherron Inn, a South Miami landmark that is closing it’s doors after almost 70 years in business. The current owner, who bought the property about five years ago, is planning to raze the building and construct a mixed-use commercial and residential structure. Grant lamented the “sanitizing” of the US-1 corridor and urged local activists to consider pursuing a historic designation for Fox’s.

8:49 – Marc Caputo, political writer for Politico Florida, joined the show to talk about several key races and issues statewide. Marc writes a daily newsletter on Florida politics, the Florida Playbook. To subscribe, visit politico.com/floridaplaybook. Grant and Marc discussed the race to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Marco Rubio. Two Democrats, Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson have declared their candidacies, and a recent poll by Mason-Dixon shows them fairly even. Alan Grayson is the more outspoken progressive of the two and is gaining some traction, showing a 19% improvement from the last poll. A third candidate, Pam Keith, has also announced, but her lack of political experience and funding mean that she will have a very tough time against more experienced and monied opponents. On the Republican side, the story is much the same. There are a greater number of candidates, and while David Jolly is leading with 16%, there is certainly no consensus within the Republican ranks either. Marc talked about how while the conventional wisdom in Democratic circles believes that hotly contested primaries are bad, the Republicans have had fairly contentious primaries and still end up being very competitive and oftentimes winning the election.

23:09 – Marc and Grant continued discussing politics, turning their attention to the Republican presidential race. Two Floridians, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and current U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, have declared their candidacies for the Republican nomination. A poll out recently indicates that Bush is leading Miami-Dade Republicans by 10 points. More interestingly, however, is that Jeb improved his numbers among Cuban-Americans, now leading Cuban-born Marco Rubio by 12 points. Marc and Grant then spoke about education policy, noting that during Jeb’s tenure as governor, one of his signature actions was taking the FCAT that Lawton Chiles had introduced as a statewide education diagnostic tool and making it into a high-stakes school accountability vehicle. Currently, Jeb’s stance in support of the Common Core curriculum, which seeks to standardize education on a more national basis as well as cut back on the high-stakes testing environment is putting him at odds with many factions within the Republican party.

29:02 – Marc and Grant were joined by Elaine de Valle, a local political writer who can be found writing for the Political Cortadito. They talked about the immigration issue that has largely defined the Republican primary to date and how the rank-and-file’s support for the deportation of undocumented immigrants may affect their outreach to Hispanic voters. Elaine believed that part of the Republican’s desire to not offer amnesty is driven by the fact that the vast majority of those undocumented immigrants will end up voting Democratic in future elections.

40:40 – Grant spoke with Elaine de Valle about issues facing Miami-Dade County, beginning with the proposed SkyRise tower adjacent to Bayside Marketplace. The project has come under fire for applying for public funds for infrastructure improvements while claiming that no public funds would be used for its construction. A lawsuit filed by school board member and mayoral candidate Raquel Regalado would seek for the subsidies to be eliminated or a new referendum held, since the original referendum stated that no public money would be used for construction. The SkyRise project may face another hurdle, as funding may be more scarce than first thought. They also may face stricter FAA limits on the overall height due to a change in regulations.

Hour 2

56:00 – Grant spoke with Subhash Kateel about two issues facing the county, namely, the changes to historic neighborhoods and police brutality. As to the first issue, the historic Overtown neighborhood, which was traditionally populated with African-Americans, has often been the target of projects that have pushed out residents. The construction of I-95 right through the heart of the neighborhood served to separate the two sides of the neighborhood. Today, the Miami WorldCenter project looks to take over a large portion of the Park West and Overtown neighborhoods with little if any benefit to local residents. This will result in more forced emigration among long-time residents of Overtown. Fortunately, local activists have won some concessions that will provide training and potentially jobs for residents. However, locals need to remain vigilant, as some of these concessions could be easily revoked. Subhash also spoke about the state violence by the Miami Beach Police Department against Israel Hernandez, a Colombian-born street artist. Israel was killed when Jorge Mercado fired his Tazer at him after he was approached by police for tagging a shuttered McDonald’s on the beach. Last Thursday, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle declined to indict the officer for misconduct. In fact, it has been more than 25 years since a police officer in the county has been prosecuted for misconduct. Subhash argued that, legally speaking, there is no difference between the officer who loves his job and his community and an officer who commits official misconduct, since neither will be prosecuted (the first shouldn’t be, but as to the second, we’ll let you be the judge).

1:18:43 – Grant was joined by the Drastic Fanatic, Brandon Mowry and Darrin Bentley to talk sports. The guys talked about the Heat’s most recent offseason moves, including waiving Henry Walker, sending Shabazz Napier to the Magic, and sending Zoran Dragic to the Celtics. They also talked free agency around the rest of the NBA.

1:40:47 – Football season is right around the corner, and teams have begun reporting this week for training camp. The guys talked about the upcoming NFL season and expectations for the Miami Dolphins. They also talked about fantasy sports and the upcoming drafts for leagues throughout the country.

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DJ Andres Fresko Talks About His #OnlyInMiami Story and Ultra

24 March 2015

DJ Andres Fresko Talks About His #OnlyInMiami Story and Ultra

Episode 69 of the #OnlyInMiami Show featured interviews with Juan Cuba, Jorge Andres Cortes, Juan Patron, DJ Andres Fresko, and Jeffrey Greenberg.

First, Juan Cuba called in to the show to talk about the new Downtown Democrats group, which will be a space for those who live or work in downtown Miami to connect with other like-minded politically-engaged individuals and to discuss local, state, and national issues. It will also be a forum for candidates to connect with energetic young professionals about their candidacies and the issues that concern them. To find out more about the Downtown Democrats, visit their website at www.downtowndems.com, connect with them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DowntownDems or follow them on Twitter: @DowntownDems.

Next, Jorge Andres Cortes of the South Florida Entrepreneurs called in to the show to talk about their organization and their upcoming event; a networking event to be held at LMNT Studios in the Midtown Miami neighborhood on March 25 at 7pm. The event will feature live DJs and speakers and will be hosted by Al Nelson, who recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and received funding for his company, EZVIP.com. There will also be a chance to meet other entrepreneurs and network with them. If you have questions or would like more information, message Jorge Andres Cortes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jorgecortesrestrepo.

Host Grant Stern was then joined by DJ Andres Fresko, a Miami native who is making the circuit in the electronic music scene. He will be performing at this weekend’s Ultra Music Festival, as well as other events in town. He talked about getting started in the EDM music scene and about his recent tour with DJ Carnage. He also shared some of his recent tracks and talked about the creation process for his music. He played one of his newest tracks, a remix done for Borgias, which is so new it hasn’t been officially released. To connect with Andres on social media, connect on Facebook at facebook.com/AndresFresko, follow him on Twitter at @AndresFresko or on Instagram at @andresfresko. You can also find him on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/andresfresko.

Juan Patron, CEO of the South Florida Entrepreneurs also stopped by the show to talk about the networking event coming up as a collaboration between Andres Fresko and the South Florida Entrepreneurs. He talked about the reasons they founded the organization and their goals for the group.

In the second hour, Grant was joined by Jeffrey Greenberg, event sales manager for the Miami Marlins, who talked about their upcoming event, Passover at Marlins Park, which will happen on April 7. There will be kosher barbeque, a family fun zone, and a performance by the Maccabeats. For more information about this event, visit www.passoveratthepark.com.

Then, Jeffrey was joined by Drastic Fanatic to preview the 2015 Marlins season. They talked about Jose Fernandez’s rehab schedule, the various offseason signings, and the Marlins prospects for making the playoffs this year in what could be a crowded NL East field. They also talked about the recent announcement that the Marlins will be hosting the 2017

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Flash Talks About the 17th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit at Grand Central

13 March 2015

In the past election, Amendment 2 would have amended the Florida Constitution to legalize marijuana use for medicinal purposes. While it received 58% of the vote, it failed to reach to 60% needed to pass. However, the push to legalize medical marijuana continues. Flash from Ploppy Palace Productions stopped by the show to talk about the 17th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit event taking place Saturday, March 14. The event will feature live music, special speakers, and live art demonstrations. There will also be political action activities, including a signature drive for the petition to include a referendum on the 2016 ballot that would legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. There will be a voter registration drive as well. For more information and to purchase discounted advance tickets, visit www.ploppypalace.com.

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Interview with Adam Gersten of Gramps in Wynwood

29 January 2015

Interview with Adam Gersten of Gramps in Wynwood

On episode 61, Adam Gersten, proprietor of Gramps, a bar in Wynwood, stopped by the show to talk about the challenges of being a small business owner in Miami. He also talked about his previous career as an assistant state’s attorney in Key West and about the changes that have come to Downtown Miami and Wynwood in the past couple of decades. Grant and Adam discussed the state of local politics and government, as the vast majority of Miami’s elected officials are term-limited, creating a situation of extreme turnover in local government. Finally, Grant and Adam spent some time reminiscing about being students at New World School of the Arts.

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Miami-Dade Dems compete for Florida Legislature seats

3 November 2014

Miami-Dade Dems compete for Florida Legislature seats

Miami-Dade Democrats field full Florida State House of Representatives Slate for first time since 2008

UPDATE: New Interview below with Daisy J. Baez (D), Florida House of Representatives Candidate in District 114:

We’ve interviewed 5 of the 7 candidates for Florida House of Representatives on the Democratic ticket in Miami-Dade County.

Miami Dade Democrats running for Florida State office

Carlos Periera, Omar Rivero and Juan Cuba are candidates on the 2014 ballot for Florida House of Reps. in Miami-Dade County. Annette Taddeo is running for Florida Lt. Governor with Charlie Crist.

Episode 43 of the Only in Miami Show featured three Candidates for the Florida House of Representatives in Miami-Dade: Omar Rivero (District 118 South Dade), Mariano Corcilli (District 111 Hialeah-Miami Lakes) and Carlos Periera (District 105 Doral).

The three featured studio guests are all members of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party who for the first time fielded challengers in all of the Florida legislature races in this county since 2008.

Florida House District 116 stretches from the southern portion of Doral to Miami-Dade Kendall Campus and is being contested by Juan Cuba. His current position as the Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Democratic party gives him unique insight on local, state and national politics today.

House Candidate Mariano Corcilli is a former Marine sergeant, now attorney practicing in Miami. He’s concerned that fire fighters who have service connected illnesses – as approved in 20 other states – do not have those same protections in Florida.

Omar Rivero grew up in Miami, graduated Cornell and founded the Occupy Democrats movement online. He’s concerned that Florida’s education funding is 49th out of 50 states and wants to do something about it.

Carlos Periera lives in “Doralezuela” and is concerned about state policies enacted by Governor Rick Scott to create 169 miles of “Lexus Lanes” as well as the effect of rising tolls on drivers throughout Miami-Dade County on roads that were once freeways.

Oct. 2014

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#OnlyinMiami show features US Congressman Joe Garcia (FL-26)

13 March 2014

#OnlyinMiami show features US Congressman Joe Garcia (FL-26)

On Monday March 3rd at 7pm, the Only in Miami Show broadcast a recorded interview with US Congressman Joe Garcia. He represents Florida’s 26th District which includes Westchester, Kendall, South Dade and the Florida Keys. Our discussion ranged from Immigration Reform to Miami Life to Venezuela’s protests and National Flood Insurance issues.


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