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Discussing Medical Marijuana, TPP, and Civil Forteiture – #OnlyinMiami Show, Ep. 73

21 April 2015

Discussing Medical Marijuana, TPP, and Civil Forteiture – #OnlyinMiami Show, Ep. 73

Episode 73 of the #OnlyInMiami Show featured interviews with Steve Janowicz of Patients Out Of Time, Fred Frost of Stop the TPP, and Jag Davies from the Drug Policy Alliance.

The show began with Grant Stern talking about the initiative to legalize marijuana for medical use in Florida. He stressed the need to be properly registered to vote and to do so when issues like this arise.

Grant was then joined by Steve Janowicz from Patients Out Of Time, who talked about the upcoming conference on medical marijuana that will be held in West Palm Beach from May 21 to 23. For more information about the conference, visit

TPP CountriesThen, Fred Frost joined the show to talk about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is a trade agreement involving twelve different countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. This agreement has been kept mostly quiet from the public, but deserves attention due to the devastating effects it could have for the American worker. In essence, it would easily allow American companies to outsource certain labor to countries like Vietnam, where workers are paid only 70¢ per hour. This could result in a vast quantity of American manufacturing jobs being moved overseas, since labor costs would be significantly reduced. For more information and updates, visit or search Twitter using the hashtag #StopTheTPP.

Steve Janowicz then talked about in more detail about Amendment 2 in the 2014 election which would have legalized marijuana use for medical purposes. The amendment received almost 58% of the vote, yet failed because it required to be passed by a supermajority of 60%. Steve detailed that turnout and undervotes in the populous counties like Miami-Dade contributed to the amendment not being adopted. He also talked about the disparity in advertising in the closing weeks before the election as another reason why the initiative failed. Finally, Steve and Grant talked about the differences between competing legalization plans, including limits for medical use only to full legalization for anyone.

At the bottom of the hour, Jag Davies from the Drug Policy Alliance joined the show to talk about civil asset forfeiture laws, which basically allow law enforcement agencies to confiscate personal property and/or money if certain criteria are met. Jag related that approximately 75% of people who have had property seized are never convicted of a crime. It has become a four billion dollar industry for police departments across the country. The Drug Policy Alliance issued a report in the Los Angeles Times in which they report on the actions of a number of small municipalities in Los Angeles County who are illegally creating department budgets based on future civil forfeitures. They tend to prey on lower income minorities who have a hard time fighting to have their things returned because of the time and money required. It seems as though police are using these laws as a legal means to steal. For more information about civil forfeiture, read the L.A. Times here. For more information about the Drug Policy Alliance, visit or follow them on Twitter at @DrugPolicyOrg.

At the beginning of the second hour, Grant spoke with Sarah Trudgeon (@SarahTrudge) from the O, Miami poetry festival happening throughout April. She talked about how she got her start in poetry and read a poem called 2006. For more information about Sarah, visit, and for more information about the O, Miami festival, visit

Then, Grant was joined by Shayne Leighton (@shayneleighton), a South Florida musician whose first recording, Invincible, was just released. She is also about to start out on her Rock It Like a Redhead Beauty Tour. She talked about her musical inspirations and shared a few tracks from her EP. For more information about Shayne or her tour information, visit or follow her on Twitter at @shayneleighton.

Finally, Grant was joined by Drastic Fanatic to talk sports. They started out talking Marlins and Mets baseball and how the Marlins can’t wait to get Jose Fernandez back in the starting rotation. They were then joined by Surya Fernandez of Hot Hot Hoops (@hothothoops) to talk about the Heat who have now begun their longest off-season in a long time. They talked about the team’s chances in the lottery and the offseason dealings that the Heat could engage in.

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Big Weekend #OnlyInMiami: ePrix, Medical Marijuana Benefit, and Calle Ocho

13 March 2015

Big Weekend #OnlyInMiami: ePrix, Medical Marijuana Benefit, and Calle Ocho

It’s a big weekend of events in Miami. Here are some highlights:

Miami ePrix

In the 1980s, the city streets of Miami hosted a number of auto races. However, with the construction of the Homestead Miami Speedway, the races travelled south out of the city of Miami.  However, auto racing is returning to the streets of downtown Miami on Saturday, March 14 with the inaugural presentation of the Miami ePrix, a motorsports race featuring Indy-style race cars. The twist is that the cars are powered by electricity instead of gasoline. Bea Garcia of race-sponsor DHL stopped by the show to talk about the race and how it works. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

17th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit at Grand Central

In the past election, Amendment 2 would have amended the Florida Constitution to legalize marijuana use for medicinal purposes. While it received 58% of the vote, it failed to reach to 60% needed to pass. However, the push to legalize medical marijuana continues. Flash from Ploppy Palace Productions stopped by the show to talk about the 17th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit event taking place Saturday, March 14. The event will feature live music, special speakers, and live art demonstrations. There will also be political action activities, including a signature drive for the petition to include a referendum on the 2016 ballot that would legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. There will be a voter registration drive as well. For more information and to purchase discounted advance tickets, visit

Calle Ocho Festival

The largest block party in Miami (and maybe the country), the Calle Ocho festival, happens this Sunday in Little Havana. In this clip from the #OnlyInMiami show, Tony Lorenzo talks about the festival sponsored by the Kiwanis of Little Havana. The event features music and food, and is a fundraiser for the year-round activities of the Kiwanis, which include full scholarships for deserving college students and summer camps for children, among others. For more information about the #CalleOcho2015 festival, visit You can also download the Calle Ocho app from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store. Finally, you can follow @Carnaval_Miami on Twitter for festival updates.

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