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Miami-Dade Dems compete for Florida Legislature seats

3 November 2014

Miami-Dade Dems compete for Florida Legislature seats

Miami-Dade Democrats field full Florida State House of Representatives Slate for first time since 2008

UPDATE: New Interview below with Daisy J. Baez (D), Florida House of Representatives Candidate in District 114:

We’ve interviewed 5 of the 7 candidates for Florida House of Representatives on the Democratic ticket in Miami-Dade County.

Miami Dade Democrats running for Florida State office

Carlos Periera, Omar Rivero and Juan Cuba are candidates on the 2014 ballot for Florida House of Reps. in Miami-Dade County. Annette Taddeo is running for Florida Lt. Governor with Charlie Crist.

Episode 43 of the Only in Miami Show featured three Candidates for the Florida House of Representatives in Miami-Dade: Omar Rivero (District 118 South Dade), Mariano Corcilli (District 111 Hialeah-Miami Lakes) and Carlos Periera (District 105 Doral).

The three featured studio guests are all members of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party who for the first time fielded challengers in all of the Florida legislature races in this county since 2008.

Florida House District 116 stretches from the southern portion of Doral to Miami-Dade Kendall Campus and is being contested by Juan Cuba. His current position as the Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Democratic party gives him unique insight on local, state and national politics today.

House Candidate Mariano Corcilli is a former Marine sergeant, now attorney practicing in Miami. He’s concerned that fire fighters who have service connected illnesses – as approved in 20 other states – do not have those same protections in Florida.

Omar Rivero grew up in Miami, graduated Cornell and founded the Occupy Democrats movement online. He’s concerned that Florida’s education funding is 49th out of 50 states and wants to do something about it.

Carlos Periera lives in “Doralezuela” and is concerned about state policies enacted by Governor Rick Scott to create 169 miles of “Lexus Lanes” as well as the effect of rising tolls on drivers throughout Miami-Dade County on roads that were once freeways.

Oct. 2014

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Only in Miami 2014 Primary Election wrap-up featuring interview with former Sen. Nan Rich

3 September 2014

Only in Miami 2014 Primary Election wrap-up featuring interview with former Sen. Nan Rich

UPDATED 9/3/14: This story has been updated with the Official Results of the August 26th, 2014 Primary & General elections voting.


Episode 39 of the Only in Miami Show featured interviews with candidates for election in the primary, including Nan Rich, 2014 Democratic candidate for governor, defeated at the polls August 26th, 2014 by Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Crist and his running mate for Lt. Governor from Miami, Annette Taddeo.

We also spoke with Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder, the now defeated Republican primary challenger to governor Rick Scott, a call in by Judge Rodney Smith who was re-elected and judicial candidate Thomas Cobitz in studio, who sadly did not win his race.  Furthermore, we reviewed three City of Miami Ballot questions and the results are below.


This podcast is hosted by Grant Stern and featured guest co-host Jane Muir, an attorney with the business law firm Gersten & Muir. The Only in Miami Show made the following endorsements on election eve:

After hearing from Judge Rodney “Rod” Smith, and learning about his extensive experience as an attorney, trying hundreds of cases as an assistant State Attorney and later as an in house attorney, as well as all about his high ratings from his peers in the legal profession, we endorsed RODNEY SMITH. We also heard from Thomas Cobitz, and learned about his service to the civilian investigative panel, as well as a traffic court magistrate judge. We endorsed THOMAS COBITZ. Jane W. Muir, Esq. & former Judge Candidate Tom Cobitz

In the judicial races, we endorsed: Tom Cobitz Rod Smith Alberto “Al” Milian Martin Zilber Fleur Jeannine Lobree Renier Diaz de la Portilla Rachel Glorioso Dooley Judge Nuria Saenz.

For Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser which became an elected position in 2008, we endorse Pedro Garcia, experienced property appraiser, running again after being defeated by Carlos Lopez-Cantera in the last race.

UPDATED 9/3: Pedro Garcia advanced to a runoff election to be held with the November ballot against a career politician.  Mr. Garcia is a professional appraiser by training and certification and this blog strongly endorses him for office. The show’s host, Grant Stern has seen Mr. Garcia speak and conversed with him, used the tools of the office and regularly reviewed its assessments of various properties in the line of his professional work as a Mortgage Broker at Morningside Mortgage Corporation.

For full disclosure neither the company, nor show, nor host have donated any money to Mr. Garcia. Furthermore, none of the above mentioned people or entities have had a matter go to hearing with Mr. Garcia. We cannot stress enough the importance of having a professional and certified appraiser or a mortgage broker or lender or a real estate broker or banker with a professional specialty in Real Estate in the important position of Miami-Dade County Real Estate Appraiser.

Mr. Garcia is the only qualified candidate for Miami-Dade Property Appraiser in the runoff election on this November’s ballot.  We strongly urge you to vote for Pedro Garcia in the fall.

City of Miami Ballot Questions and Results

Three important questions were answered by a scant 22,700 of Miami’s 400,000+ residents.

PASSED: We are calling the first ballot initiative the “Submerged Land” measure. Because it might lead to the filling in of the FEC slip, beside the American Airlines Arena, and have many negative effects on the potential for city officials to give away public resources, we recommend for the first City of Miami ballot initiative – VOTE NO.

PASSED: The second amendment we are calling the “Corollo Amendment” because he added it to the ballot, on the basis that Watson Island was leased to development interests, but regrettably they have not acted on their lease. In order to prevent developers from amassing land parcels and then not acting on their rights, we recommend VOTE YES on this initiative.

PASSED: The last ballot initiative we are calling the “Skyrise Amendment” because it will extend the Bayside lease to 99 years and permit them to sublease the parking lot beside the marina to a builder for the purpose of building a 1000 foot tower. Because we believe that this is a poor use of city land and resources, we recommend VOTE NO on this initiative.  We have opined about Skyrise on the Only in Miami Show often, and strongly advocated against subsidizing yet another Billionaire’s fantasy on public waterfront land.

Written by Jane W. Muir, Esq. of Gersten & Muir, a law firm and co-authored/edited by Grant Stern of Morningside Mortgage.

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