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Dance Band Night Is Further Proof The Rhythm Foundation Is Killing It!

14 May 2015

Dance Band Night Is Further Proof The Rhythm Foundation Is Killing It!

The Rhythm Foundation has been delivering international sounds to Miami for 27 years.

Like a good wine or whiskey, they’re aging amazing.

My first introduction to TRF was through Big Night in Little Haiti, an event they produce the 3rd Friday of the month, which is also this Friday, if you’ve never been. I recall one month a few years ago marching through the streets of Little Haiti late at night, after the event ended, wine in hand bought from the corner store, shaking and contorting to djembe drums as a sea of locals danced into the night like a Caribbean bacchanal.
Little nights in big Miami.

Nights you’d never experience if you didn’t live here.

That’s the rhythm this foundation offers you and it’s like MAGIC!!

One of my favorite memories of course is the FREE concert they hosted starring Arcade Fire.


come dance with me….

Lately, with the help of some well-deserved grant money, TRF has expanded up to Hollywood to host monthly events for FREE bringing down to South Florida amazing jam-bands like Galactic and Medeski, Martin and Wood.

Just a sick job, TRF — guys — really.

Furthermore, as the new managers of the North Beach Bandshell, The Rhythm Foundation continues to host its Transatlantic Festival and is now excited to announce a new series at the venue called Dance Band Night!

The night will feature a dance lesson before a concert of the same genre where guests will be able to show off their new skills. Dance Band Night will take place every Second Thursday of the month.

The first one is on Thursday, May 14 featuring music from The French Horn,  a gypsy swing band that will make you dream of a Woody Allen movie and dancing along the Reine in Paris.

Before the concert there will be dance lessons by the world champion swing dance team Yuval and Julia.

Stay connected to The Rhythm Foundation.

They promise you a local experience you won’t find anywhere else in Miami.

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