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Only In Miami Show, Episode 51 – 11/17/2014 – Hour 1


On Episode 51, the Only In Miami Show featured authors who will be included in the Miami Book Fair International, which began this weekend. We heard from Jaquira Diaz, who edited and compiled the book 15 Views of Miami, an anthology of stories by renowned authors that tell of life in the Magic City and its local communities. One of those authors, M. Evelina Galang, read her story, Imelda’s Lullaby. Finally, in Hour 1, we were joined by Tim Elfrink, who wrote the book Blood Sport about the Biogenesis scandal that rocked Major League Baseball with its difficult to trace performance enhancing drugs.

The show began with host Grant Stern discussing the latest in Walmart’s bid to construct a store in Midtown Miami. A hearing will be held on Thursday, November 20 at 2pm at Miami City Hall. Concerned citizens are encouraged to attend.

jaquira diaz 2

Next, Jaquira Diaz talked about her anthology, 15 Views of Miami. The publisher, Burrow Press, had published similar anthologies for Orlando and Tampa Bay, and Diaz took on the Miami project. M. Evelina Galang joined the conversation, talking about her career as an author and as a teacher. She also read her story, Imelda’s Lullaby. The book will be featured on Thursday evening, November 20 at The Swamp as part of the Miami Book Fair International. For more information, visit

tim elfrinkFinally, Grant was joined by Tim Elfrink, co-author of Blood Sport, which discusses baseball’s Biogenesis scandal. He will be presenting at the Miami Book Fair International at noon on Sunday, November 22 in Room 7128. They spent some time discussing the state of sports in South Florida, including the financial implications of recent stadium deals. Elfrink also talked about his work with the Miami New Times and how he explores topics on which to report. Elfrink and Grant talked about the Sunshine Law implications as well.